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“War Declared” at Boston College High School

Breaking News from Mr. Gartside’s Social Studies Students Using Civic Mirror.

Story by James Kester & James Martin

boston_college_HS_WarAfter the President of the Republic of Vendette earlier today showed great disrespect to the United Tribes of Kevron, the country decided to respond in the form of war. The United Tribes of Kevron state that their demands listed on the document were for the better of both countries so that both could prosper.

In an interview afterwards we were able to gain some opinions of the people. Here are some quotes,

” It was really kind of harsh what Jerrad did to disrespect both our and even his own country by destroying possible connections to ours. He gave us hope and then took it away and now I’m just sick of it.”

Another citizen lamented,

” I used to mainly go on the side of the revolution because I wanted a change in government, but now I realize that there is no way that I can achieve that if I don’t join the revolutionaries because Jerrad has abused his power and turned his role from a president to a dictator.”

This was rebutted by another citizen who said,

” Is it not the job of the president to keep the peace and do what is best for his country”

And a final citizen ended with these foreboding words:

” I said it before and I’ll say it again, we will not be reluctant to change up our strategy to get what we want. You better prepare yourself Vendette for war!”

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