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Case Study: 7th Grade Success Story

Ms. Nina Franklin and Brier Terrace Middle School Students Talk About Civic Mirror

Last year, Nina Franklin, a 7th Grade social studies teacher from Brier Terrace Middle School in Washington state (just north of Seattle), ran the Civic Mirror with her students for the first time.  After the experience, Mel Cooke, Instructional Technology Coordinator for the Edmonds School District, met up with Nina and several of her students with a video camera and interviewed them to determine whether or not the program was educationally worthwhile.

Teachers and coordinators considering the program should watch this video!

Our favorite quote from the video is from Nina Franklin herself, who had this to say when Mel asked her whether or not she would run Civic Mirror again,

“I would run Civic Mirror again because I think students get a depth of understanding with the experiential component. They get to be a part of a democracy and interact with one another.”   – Nina Franklin

A huge thanks to Mel Cooke, Nina Franklin, and the Edmonds School District for producing and sharing this video with us.

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