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Civic Mirror Country Eutopia Becoming Less and Less Utopian

Eutopians seem to be growing out of their Utopian existence and into something else entirely. On March 2, 2010 an announcement was published for all of the Eutopia citizens:

“This is a message from your Prime Minister:
There have been some forum topics that have come to my attention and I would like to clear some things up. For one, anybody considering siding with the people that have directly threatened the LIFE of your Prime Minister should think twice. I have never threatened anyone’s well being and this person will be sued A.S.A.P.. I suggest that for the better nature of this country, you listen to what I have to say. There are obviously going to be problems, and we cannot deny the fact that not everyone can be rich. The only thing we can do is try to distribute necessities as well as we can and THAT is why we have the e/i hex. If the people of Eutopia! somehow decide to take me from the government, I say good luck to you, because you won’t see any help from me in any form. I am trying to help you and if what you decide is to throw that back in my face, then you better not ask for my help in ANY way, shape or form. Just like Mr.Ross, YOU teach me how to treat you.

Thank you.

Prime Minister, Eutopia!”

It took less then two hours for the first citizens to respond.  The first was Citizen Amandip.S:

We teach you how to treat us. You’re the PM of Eutopia! you need to get involved with wats going on in out country. how can we not ask you for any HELP, your the PM of this country. if you didnt want to help us, then way did you become the PM, let someone who acually cares about our country and wants to help others and improve our country. your just gonna help your “LITTLE” party of people, you don’t care about us. more than 50% of the citizens are homeless and hungry, i’ve asked atleast about 3 times for an EI unit for my family, luckly i asked you guys once more and if you said no 1 of my family member would have died. so YOU NEED TO HELP PEOPLE, CAUSE NOW YOUR SHOWING US HOW YOU SHOULD BE TREATED….right now there are 63% of the citizens saying they want to change the government and the 37% that are saying no are from your party, BUT YOU HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE IN YOUR PARTY, SO THAT MEANS THAT PEOPLE IN YOUR PARTY ALSO WANT A CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT.”

Citizen Summit.G continued the conversation:

“We don’t need your help, and don’t try getting the peoples trust back because you messed up and now, its ovaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa smiley for :D

Prime Minister Stephanie.C defended herself:

“Are you kidding me? Everything I’ve ever done was to help our country and I feel really bad for you guys not being able to accept that because of your own greedy wants.”

To which Citizen Amandip responded:

“Our own greedy needs, what r our needs, that we wanted to buy something that we wanted to make some money and survive in the environment u have created. i bet you cuz some people arnt in houses or have food that one of their family member has died. And what have u done to help our country, before you said im not gonna help, but now ur saying i have helped a lot, the only thing u probably did to help noting because u have set these “laws” that disable people from doing what they want. the rule that really bugged me was the forum one cuz tell me wat is illumanati or how r they gonna kill people in the game, and how is it a harm for them to wright forums, forums are for people to present their ideas and say wat ever they want. Before i thought we didn’t need a change in government but now i see THAT WE NEED A CHANGE IN OUR GOVERNMENT UNLESS THEY TAKE AN ACTION THAT WILL BENEFIT EVERYONE TO SOME EXTEND.”

Citizen Gavin pressed the issue even further with a significant historical comparision:

“Dont get to comfortable as PM. There will be change coming soon. This country is going to be a people’s country not Nazi Eutopia.”

Personally effected by the situation, Citizen Amardeep even threatens the existing government,

“your not a good Prime Minister and don’t try acting like one. Your trying to act like the good guy but you don’t care about the people. You stole my e/i hex and now I am going to sue.”

Citizen Inderpreet gets the last word in, though for some it is beyond meaningful,

“Dont trust the government”

This is obviously a hot topic in the country of Eutopia, a country who has seen leadership problems in the past.  Will they be able to get past them this time or are they destined to be ruled by dictators and despots?  How terrible is PM Stephanie?  Are the citizens complaining because things are not going well for them, in other words, would they hate any leader they had?  Only time will be able to competely answer these questions.

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