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Establishment of Bank in Civic Mirror Country

Senator Adam O, a citizen of Dinoland, a 9th grade humanities class in Mountlake Terrace High School, has founded a bank.  In explanation Senator Adam wrote,

“I have started, under the terms of Executive Order #1, a bank called Dinoland Bank. My purpose is to ensure economic stabilty and activity by keeping money moving through the country.
Dinoland Bank is willing to give loans of any reasonable amount to business owners and private citizens, with an interest rate of 5-10%, depending on the circumstances.
For businesses who have trouble getting rid of those last few units, I will buy them in bulk for a good price and resell them competitively to those who need or want them.
I will also accept investments and deposits. People who send me such transactions will get appreciable interest and can rest assured that my investments are good, and their money will not be lost.”

There was an immediate response from worried citizens of Dinoland.  Citizen Seth was one of the first to raise concern,

“Are you a robot? it would explain a lot….
I only got to say one thing: don’t go into an economic downfall, Obama’s already got enough on his hands, and he doesn’t want to deal with an internet version of his crisis.”

CEO of DinolandBank and Dinoland Senator Adam replied in confidence,

“I will not create an economic crisis. Read the bank’s wiki, and you’ll see how I will actually prevent a recession”

Throughout history banks have both helped people to keep money safe as well as to lose their money.  It will be interesting to see what affect this bank will haveon the Dinoland economy.

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