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Environmental Peril in Civic Mirror Country

Much like other governments from around the world, the citizens of Graceland, a class from Mountlake Terrace High School in Washington State, have realized that their environment can and may be in danger. Although it is important to earn a living and keep the country working economically, it is easy to abuse the land Gracelandians share causing irrepuable damage. Gracelandians seem to be in an uproar about recent land development and through the guidance of their instructor, are discussing possible action to fix the problem. According to Instructor Ryan Niman:

“What should we do with the hex being developed? Why? These are the options I’ve heard:

* Let Nathan decide – he owns it!
* Let the President decide – she’s in charge!
* Make a Power Plant
* Don’t make a PowerPlant – another one is already being developed
* Make a farm, insurance company, school, or something else

So, how should this be decided? What should it be? Why?”

Representative GraceG begins the discussion,

“I think that Nathan should decide on what he wants that hex to be. Because he owns that hex, and he bought it. So I don’t think its really fair to him that we are telling him what to make it.”

AdamO, a citizen from nearby Dinoland shares his point of view on the subject,

“Pardon me for invading your forum, but I have a thought on this. Nathan owns the hex, correct? If he owns the hex, it is his property to decide what to do with. True, the government could seize it so they could decide, but it should not be up to the president. The president is not in a legal position to dictate what somebody should do with their property.”

Interestingly, it seems all of the citizens agree Nathan should be able to decide, but what happens when he makes a decision the citizens disagree with?  What will they do when his decisions affect their own families?

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