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Supreme Dictator Takes Over

Written by: Kiara Ellingwood

Simulated Country: Tropico 2018
School: St. Mary’s High School
Instructor: J Allan
Location: Owen Sound, ON

The country of Tropico was in chaos, people were worried for their safety and began to talk in small circles about what they could do to change this. They plotted to sign a petition that would allow them to proceed with a crisis vote to save their country. The Dictator was angry and seized the property of Kiara to put fear into the citizens involved.

The Dictator made a secret trade with the government where he took all of the governments money and hexes. Nick took this issue to court and sued the Dictator for return of the property taken. Unfortunately, the jury decided that Evan was innocent and only made him return $25,000 along with the power plant.

‘I am afraid that the healthcare, education, food, and security will not be properly distributed and I will lose my family,’ said Emily Clements, a worried citizen. Other citizens were worried and tried to talk to the newly elected Prime Minister, Ana.
Laws were made to help ensure that this issue would be resolved, but many citizens still reported issues with having trades rejected by Evan.
The hope is for our country to return to being successful, but is our country already too far gone?

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