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Namaste Citizens Discontented with Townhall

Written by: Liam Waterman

Simulated Country: Namaste
School: Centennial Collegiate & Vocational Institute
Instructor: Ms. Jennifer Phillips Alaan
Location: Guelph ON

Another town hall was held recently, and most citizens are in agreement that it was extremely boring. The issues discussed were trivial and pointless, and the only thing that was achieved was making most citizens want to kill themselves. A long discussion ensued on the subject of a proposed “tax” bill that wasn’t even passed! “It technically is a tax, but we worded it poorly.” -Matthew Tam. Many people were disgusted by the shocking admission of the government’s own incompetence. “If the government is split on the subject of taxes, then maybe we should start a charity,” Amanda said. Unfortunately, no one liked that idea at all, and the discussion quickly moved on. At one point Matthew said: “The citizens are greedy for nothing, basically.” “That’s a little sketch,” said an anonymous source. Matthew also brought up the fact that he was very unhappy with the judicial system. “Should we just not have a judge?” Matthew said, implying that the judge position shouldn’t even exist. Later on, a new Judge was appointed, Andres Rodriguez. “Rodriguez sounds a little bit too Mexican to be a reliable judge,” said an anonymous source. Keep in mind that is no reflection on the views of the author of this article.


Things eventually started to heat up once the subject of a new refugee was brought up. Despite the fact that the citizens voted for her to be kicked out of the country, the very same Andres Rodriguez decided to let her live on his dime. “What a slimy little Mexican,” said an anonymous source.

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