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Is A Monopoly Beginning in Ferda?

Written by: Mathias McDougall

Simulated Country: Ferda
School: Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute
Instructor: Mr. Kevin Brooks
Location: Kitchener, ON

It’s a battle of popularity as two private residents battle it out for the right to own Ferda’s sole security hex. One, the leader of the opposition. The other, the national historian and sole owner of the police force on the island.

Both are powerful people as far as wealth concerns. It is rumored that the opposition leader will be suing the Historian for the rights to the property in the year 2002.

“He claims that the Judge and the Jury will be on his side due to his popularity with the rest of the island’s population,” the Historian claims as he stands outside the Police station with one of the K9 dogs used on the unit. “And to think this all started because I raised the price of the security unit for him. Like, common man. You have 7 hexes that I need to protect, where as many only have one or two.”

We could not reach the opposition leader for comment on this issue.

And while the two race for the chance card, the people of Ferda are at the edge of their seats as this battle of wealth and popularity begins a race around the bored.

More on this story as it develops.

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