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Falton Government is Corrupt – Austin Lombardo is A Fascist

Written by: Alex Schal

Simulated Country: Falton
School: Bluevale Collegiate Institute
Instructor: Mr. Jonathan Marsh
Location: Waterloo, ON

Austin Lombardo, the Prime Minister of Fallton, is a fascist. He has tried to change and Legislation and Constitution on many different occasions and has failed. Tyson Barbour had exposed him during Town Hall, making him powerless, passing bills against him, and protecting the citizens. The potato Prime Minister has kicked everyone out of parliament and transferred all of the governments assets to himself. All we can hope for is that he doesn’t successfully screw everyone over and that we can restart with a clean slate. Will Tyson Barbour rise to the occasion and save the country? or will the Prime Minister realize he is a potato and give up? I guess we will find out.


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