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5 Week Civic Mirror Unit Plan

25 Days of Engagement Planned For You!

This 5-week social studies unit plan is ideal for educators who want to provide their students with an exciting and engaging learning experience using a simulation-based learning program. Why break your back planning when you can follow this unit plan for free!?

Unit Outcomes:

By the end of this unit, students will have an experiential understanding of the following concepts:

  • the constitution and constitutional democracy
  • the three branches of government,
  • the influence of the economy on the government (and vice versa),
  • the political-economic spectrum,
  • the foundations of active citizenship citizenship,
  • and so much more.

Download Civic Mirror’s 5-Week Unit Plan

This Unit Plan Includes:

  • daily lesson plans and preparation notes
  • readings and in-class activities
  • an event sequence rich with experiential activities
  • online learning activities and homework assignments
  • culminating assignments
  • inquiry-based discussion questions

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