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3 Week Civic Mirror Unit Plan

Full Blast Through the Full Program

While we recommend educators schedule Civic Mirror events in tandem with course readings and reflective discussions about how the experience connects to the real world, sometimes you just want to power through. If you are a teacher wanting to run an awesome civics, economics, or government simulation unit in a quick amount of time, then this 3-week unit plan is built for you.

Unit Outcomes:

By the end of this unit, students will have an experiential understanding of the following concepts:

  • elections and political parties
  • the three branches of government,
  • the influence of the economy on the government (and vice versa),
  • the political-economic spectrum,
  • the foundations of active citizenship citizenship,
  • and much more.
This Unit Plan includes:
  • daily lesson plans and preparation notes
  • readings and in-class activities
  • an event sequence rich with experiential activities
  • online learning activities and homework assignments
  • culminating assignments
  • inquiry-based discussion questions

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