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California’s Grade 12 Government & Economics and the Civic Mirror

A Simulation Program that will Make this Course the Most Exciting One in Your School!

Civic Mirror + California's Gr.12 Government and Economics CourseThe Civic Mirror’s fit with California’s Grade 12 Government & Economics course is excellent. While social studies teachers should consider this program a complimentary resource and will still need a basal text to cover curricular specifics, CM provides experiential touch-points for virtually every unit of study in both of these courses.

View the Civic Mirror Curriculum Alignment for California’s Grade 12 Government & Economics Course

For example, while students still need to read about Marbury vs. Madison or Nixon’s impeachment in their texts, the Civic Mirror simulation provides them with their own Presidency, National Court, and Constitution, allowing them to live-out the democratic lessons of checks & balances. Or, while students will need to read about the pros and cons of price ceilings on essential goods, they will have their own live economy with which to experiment themselves.

Experiential frames of reference – like the ones Civic Mirror provides – make government and economics more exciting and meaningful for students!

Getting Started

For teachers eligible for our 6-week free trial, we highly recommend using the 5-Week Unit Plan the first time through. Not only does it lead one through the entire program within the trial time limits, but it outlines everything for teachers… from lesson prep and details, to what to assign for homework. To get started now, request a free trial.

Implementation Suggestions

While there are so many ways one could integrate the Civic Mirror simulation into a Gov/Econ course (see the “How Does CM Fit Into Classrooms” video), we do have a few resources that could save you a lot of time:

You might also want to request a Civic Mirror Training Session to discuss your implementation more!