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Intro to Economics + Civic Mirror

Students Experiment with their Own Economy
– As Citizens, Business-Owners, and Politicians.

This course pack shows how close to 100% of the learning outcomes in most “Intro to Economics” courses can be met with the Civic Mirror simulation and any old text, utilizing elements of constructivist, experiential, and brain-based learning teaching and learning methods.

‘Understanding By Design’ Unit Tasks

In this course pack, each unit comes with a cumulative performance task that asks students to assume roles and complete real-world challenges that connect their Civic Mirror experience to how the economy exists in the real world. These unit-ending performance tasks have been developed using the Understanding By Design approach thatwill help students acquire meaningful insights and understandings as they work to complete them.

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Scope & Sequence

This course pack also comes with a 16-week sample scope and sequence that shows how the Civic Mirror’s events, chapter readings, and in-class activities and lectures might all fit together to meaningfully cover 100% of the course’s learning outcomes. Sample excerpt shown below:

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