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Great Spark Talk About 21st Century Learning

While our small team is just too busy developing and supporting to comment on how Civic Mirror is actually allowing teachers and students to do all of the things mentioned by the panel of educational experts in this Spark talk (i.e. flipped classrooms; blended and student-led learning; rewarding initiative, inquiry, and imagination in learning; etc.), it’s worth posting here because it’s totally relevant to everyone using Civic Mirror.

Click to play

Maybe someone in our community could contact Spark and let them know that 100’s of CM Educators are doing all these things already! Students? Parents?

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One Response to Great Spark Talk About 21st Century Learning

  1. Inspiring to listen to! And for those curious as to the chanting at the beginning, it’s from Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things) a work promoting and explaining Epicurean thinking from around 2100 years ago.