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Announcing New Pricing Structure

AwesomeGood News for Everyone

Because one CM license creates one simulated country scenario for a class of students to share, we have always charged on a per-class basis.

Effective immediately, our pricing structure has changed whereby the “freebie” kicks in on the second license, not the fourth. We are also rounding things up to the zero; we’ve grown tired of 99’s.

Old Pricing

1st license: $299
2nd license: $448
3-4 licenses: $597
Additional: $149

New Pricing

1st license: $300
2nd license: FREE
Additional: $150

We are doing this because it’s easier for us to “set-up” and accommodate new schools now (bandwidth, support, etc.) and we’re able to recoup our costs more efficiently. Also, many schools only order 2-3 licenses and have never been able to save on the freebie. Now they can on license #2.

And No More Two-Tiered Pricing

When we initially set our rates, we looked to the textbook and e-learning markets to see what Civic Mirror offered related to existing resources, and what those resources were being sold for. We quickly learned, however, that many public schools simply couldn’t afford those rates, and so we offered them a significant discount. Now we are making that lowered rate the standard rate for all schools and districts, no matter how well or poorly they are funded.

We hope this helps some of you out, and we look forward to seeing you online this coming fall!

Our updated prices for everything can be found on the CM ORDER FORM!


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