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Civic Mirror Country Debate Over Healthcare Hex

A governments budget is both difficult to plan and incredibly important.  There are many citizens who depend on a balanced budget to live happier, healthier lives but it is also impossible for a government to pay for absolutely everything.  As many citizens from around the world can now attest to, some programs that benefit the general public must be sacrificed for the good of the economic health of the country.  The citizens of Ania, an eighth grade Civics class from Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke, Virginia, recently found themselves with just those kinds of decisions.

The discussion began with this question:

“What do you think should be added to the government budget?”

Citizen Stephen was the first to put his two cents in,


My opinion on the government budget (This is my own opinion, I am not representing DYMS right now) is that the government should put an extra $150 from the Health Insurance payment and put the remaining $200 into reserve.”

President Ava responded,

“Hello everyone,
I know that health care is an important part of Ania’s sucess but the owner’s of the health insurance hex have refused the money that the government offered them, so there will be no part of the government’s budget going into health insurance (i’m just letting you guys know this because some of you wanted a bigger portion of the budget being spent on health care.) If you have any questions/concerns of or pertaining to health insurance I suggest you take it up with the owner of the hex. I greatly value each and everyone of your ideas for the budget and hope to see more!!
Ava Chafin (president)”

Much like the debates going on within the government of the United States, there are some citizens that would enjoy the benefits of government run health hex while others see the private sector doing a better job. Healthcare is certainly an important topic in Ania, but is it the only topic that is important enough to be decided? This budget discussion is still a new one, it will be enlightening to see how it plays out.  Until then…

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