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Civic Mirror Country Declares War!

In what seems to be a Civic Mirror first, the country Dinoland, a Ninth Grade English class from Mountlake Terrace High School has declared war. On Friday Febuary 5, 2010, the Dinoland government made this declaration:

“Attention, citizens of Dinoland and the people of the NFPC and Graceland! Dinoland, during today’s government event, declared war on the NFPC and Graceland. This is to root out corruption and immorality in their said governments and to prove Dinoland’s might. We may be small, we may be poor, but we are a country of faithful citizens and good human beings, and we ARE mighty enough to clean up the wrongs of those countries around us.”

Stunned by this declaration, Citizen VincentM responded,

“So our dinoland has voted (5/5 for house and 3/3 for senators I may add) to go to war eh? Well, as a citizen of dinoland, I want to know why?!?! What purpose dose it serve? I know that the answer was corruption in the two countries, but if the problem is corruption, then were is it, show me evidence! If you, the government, can’t tell me why, then you are telling me that you voted on something for no reason!?!? I want answers, and good answers at that not “for fun”! Also, if you can’t give me a satisfy answer, then the government don’t care about what laws it pass, then that’s all the more respond not to have a dictatorship. Respond to this as soon as possible!”

Certainly there is, at the very least, great unrest between the citizens within these Global Powers. Members of the Dinoland Government responded publicly,

“Vince, our sources within Graceland have insider information on a corrupt congressperson who keeps messing stuff up. And there is a grudge between certain members of our gov’t and certain members of the NFPC. We do too care about the laws we pass- every one of them benefits the people, which you would realize if you actually read them. And the dictatorship idea is dead. And about that: one person doesn’t necessarily represent a whole organization, and vice versa.”

Not easily persuaded Citizen Vincent replied,

“Government, if your source of corruption was a guy on there government messing things up, everyone has a person messing up things! This guy just got elected, and he is probable working on his hidden agenda, and it is there problem, not ours! How annoying is it, to declare war, FOR THE MISTAKES OF ONE PERSON!!! It there problem, It them who should solve it!
“…there is a grudge between certain members of our gov’t and certain members of the NFPC…” So what? You don’t need to wage war in order to settle this, why not does something more logical, like find out why you have a dispute, and come up with a solution….
“…the dictatorship idea is dead. And about that: one person doesn’t necessarily represent a whole organization, and vice versa.” Thank you for ending that idea and everyone who thinks that dictatorship is a good idea; well, how? How is this a good idea, I want to know? It best to have every man and every women represent them self. Personally, I think we should not have a government at all, just the people, but this is the word of one person, and the government would never vote for this, who wants to lose power.
Disclaimer: all quotes are from the government, which I am not part of, and are only used to support some of my points.”

While Vincent and memebers of the government/citizens of Dinoland verbally duke it out, the readers of the forum may have been caught off guard by Senator BrennanD of Graceland,

“Hello I am a Citizen of Graceland and I would like to simply open up discussion between our two country’s I would like it if a representative of your country (I would prefer adam) would meet me in Mr.Nimans classroom after school when it is convenient. I would also like to invite Vincent since he seems to also have a opposing opinion on this war as well. I will be in Nimans (Instructor Ryan Niman) class both before and after school if anyone would like to discuss this matter further. Looking forward to a lively discussion.”

The offered meeting to determine peace is accepted by Citizen VincentM in his reply,

I would be honred to meet represents’ from Graceland, however, pleus don’t bring Adam. I will come myself, you may choose who the other person is. If Thursday, February 25, 2010 before or during (depending how long it goes) tutorial. If you and another (preferable your president) where to come, we can work out a deal. My land’s president is Torn, FYI. Please respond so that we can put this whole matter behind us, because this is pointless”

Will the countries go to “war?” How is war fought in the Civic Mirror? What will the consequences of this meeting be and can these countries put their differences behind them? We will have to wait and see…

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