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Civic Mirror Country Continues Economic Debate

On Tuesday May 11, The Civic Mirror Trenches posted an article about Ze Empire!’s,a grade 11 Civics class lead by instructor Paul Chafee at Heritage Woods Secondary School in Port Moody, BC, economic hardships.  Citizen Jason.K felt cheated when the government forced him to sell his hex for less then market value.  The government argued back that they needed to buy the hexs cheaply to enable them to give units away for free, creating a national system.  Arguments ensued, a trade embargo was threatened, and citizens feared the lack of trade would cause casualities throughout the country.  Administrator Nathan.R commented on the embargo:

“Spreading your ideals in the means of killing others to prove a point. Perhaps a more diplomastic approach is needed rather than telling your fellow citizens to stop trading with the government causing more than 25 deaths in the country. If you calculate how many necessities the government holds, you have I think 13 food units, and 12 shelters. By refusing to trade with the government will condemn 25 people to death. Please everyone, by following a terrorist, it only makes a more violent conflict.”

Citizen Jason.K responded to the Administrator’s comments,

 “The only reason we resemble a terrorist is only because of the government. I was a normal citzens untill the government threatend me to sell my develpoing hex for a price to nothing. Since i refuesed the government refuesed to trade. This is worst then resesmbling terrorism, it is terroism. By making me homeless, foodless, and giving me non of these, the government is going to take over everyone by threathening. Citizens who are satisfied with this system such as Kim, beware that one wrong step, government will turn on you.”

Frustrated Citizen Ayrton.S added to the argument,

” But what i meant was that sure its great right now but soon enough things will go down hill and lives will be lost and then i will ask you was it worth all the lives that were lost? couldn’t this have been avoided if you had just restored our country into a proper democracy? and then what can you say?”

In response to messages posted between Citizen AdamO and Citizen Jason.L, Administrator Nathan.R posted,

“It’s obvious now of your plans and that you are conspiring with Jason who owns the hex turning into an EI one. This is morally wrong and illegal, if you would only see the governments point of view, the argument would be resolved. Most people agree that since we are doing everything in our power to ensure the country succeeds, why stop that? It only prevents/slows the progression of this country in the name of good and you should stop before things get out of hand.”

After some more back and forth and namcalling, Citizen Allison.K stepped in as a mediator of sorts,

“okay I uderstand where everyone is coming from but I find that we need to calm down and well talk like civil human being. The government should know that they have lost some of the classes trust and should work to earn that back.

They lost this trust either due to some of the bills they have passed or just they way they came to power and are not having the citizens involved when it comes to the bills. Also (in my opion) they should explain any of the new bills or things they do so that we know why instead of just asuming that what they are doing is for their own personal gain.”

The argument ensues, pulling in more citizens to comment.  When one citizen comments that the CM is just a game, other citizens jump to remind the class that the game is meant to simulate real life and thus taken seriously.  Interestingly, a citizen from another country, Citizen Gurkanwar of Supermanistan, joins into the debate to add his or her two cents,

“i know that as a foreigner, i should just keep out of other’s businesses, but this debate seems to be quite powerful. just to clear things up here (PS. i do not know where you guys are from, who you people are, and who is the assumed good guy/bad guy, therefore all my opinions will be unbiased) our history teacher had said that communism/dictatorship at its fullest is actually good… but the thing is it has yet to bloom to its fullest, therefore what you see is only the negative part of it, not the good effects (because those are the parts that are delayed) and also, not to burst any bubbles here, but either someone here is trying to achieve their hidden agenda, or the gov’t is pretty darn smart and well planned out. anyways, i would personally recommend that Aryton, stand strong on your point but instead of opposing the gov’t, go with the flow for a while, try and see what they’re really like, because the way it sounds, for now, it seems that the gov’t is doing what it can to stabilize the economy. why deal with 2 issues at once (stabilizing the country and trying to deal with the gov’t) when you can deal with them one by one (first lets stabilize the country and then when thats out of the way lets deal with the gov’t) and if they do something that prevents the stabilization then you can hold that against them as a proof of their corruption and you will be able to get some support from your fellow citizens. again, i do not know anyone from your classroom, i do not know where you guys are from, therefore i am not supporting either side (neither do i have a reason to do so). the debate seemed to be quite intriguing to me therefore i decided to drop off my personal opinion. and again, i suggest your country should worry about the matter at hand before worrying about the matters you might have to deal with in the future. also, if all goes well and they ARE a communist/dictatorship party (again, i am not saying they are, just saying IF they are) then who knows, maybe they turn out to be the ones that can bloom the effects of communism/dictatorship to its fullest”

When the postings peter out, there is not real agreement but both sides have certainly been able to vent their frustrations.  Has your country had any heated debates?  Reply to this post or send us an email so we can share your story with the Civic Mirror Community!

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