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Kidnapping in Tropjia: A CTU Investigation part 3

On May 4, 2010 we presented the second installment of our series: Kidnapping in Tropjia: A CTU Investigation.  The citizens of Tropiji, a country under the oversight of Instructor Warren Bezuidenhout at Brentwood Academy in Brentwood, Tennessee have been working fervently to find Mr. East before it was too late.  Tragically, the case took at turn for the worst.  According to Molly, founder of the Counter Terrorist Unit:

Breaking News!
27 year old Luke Smith’s body was found in his apartment in NYC. Police found him early this morning, Wednesday April 21, 2010. The cause of death was seemingly suicide by strangulation, though no note was found. Autopsy confirms that there are no other marks on Mr. Smith’s corpse other than rope burns around his neck.
What do we make of this new information?
Who do you believe is behind the disappearance of Arthur East?
What do you believe is said person’s motive?
What relation do you believe this event has with the Special Ops Team: Black Cobra?
What information do you believe is missing that would be key to the investigation?
What do you believe about Mr. Smith’s alleged suicide?

To partake in CTU’s solving of Mr. East’s disappearance, you are required to answer the following questions after reading “Murder on Civic Mirror” part one and two. The more answers you get right (as graded by Molly Vogel) the more points you earn toward solving the case. Post answers as replies to this post.


Members of the task force sprang to action to answer the questions and solve the case.  Taking her duties as country leader very seriously, President Madison was the first to answer:

1. We now know that someone is going after the Black Cobra survivors probably.
2. I think Mr. Sergei Ardeth Daae behind it. If the fingerprint is Ms. Lillian Narsca’s fingerprint, then it’s not suprising because she is in a relationship with Arthur East.
Mr. Sergei Ardeth Daae, however, has a record, and he is smart enough and he has had experience in robberies and breaking in. He is smart enough to leave no fingerprints, or half of one. He is also taller than Arthur, so it would be easier for him to abduct Arthur more than someone else.
3. His motive is that h’s probably targeting the Black Storm survivors, and he was helping terrorists, so the terrorists might have been involved in the Black Storm thing.
4. This the Black Cobra is probably a motive for the kidnapper and murderer.
5. The whole fingerprint is missing, and a solid motive, and alibis for each person. Also more info about the Black Cobra would be useful.
6. I think Mr. Smith was murdered. The murderer probably made it look like a suicide by hanging. If he had rope burns on his neck, he probably had robe burns or fibers on his hands from tying the rope, but he doesn’t. He also didn’t have a note. If Mr. Smith didn’t have any other markings on his body, then he was probably not in a struggle with the murderer. The murderer might have had a gun and then tied Mr. Smith up around the neck an then hung him.

Maria posted similar findings: 1) I think that from this information we can make that the people want to destroy the Special Ops Team. Mr. Nyx has died and he was part of that group. Mr. Luke Smith was also part and now there is only one person left, or so we think, it is Mr. East.
3) I think that the said motive of Mr. Sergei is to destroy the Special Ops: Black Cobra because if he had criminal record, they could have done something bad to Mr. Sergei while he was in jail or tortured him and he wanted revenge. 5 out of 7 had died and then Mr. Smith “killed himself” and then Mr. East is gone and Mr. Nyx has been dead. . .I think that Mr. Smith did not kill himself, but was forced or threatened by Mr. Sergei.

Health Manager and Power Manager Jeffrey, Vice President Amanda and Citizen Alexandra all drew the same conclusions.  It seems there is a consensus on the team, someone is trying to rid the world of the Black Ops team.  What does this mean for Tropji and what action will the Counter Terrorist Unit take to rid the world of these criminals?

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