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U.S. Government & Civics with the Civic Mirror Simulation Program

Enliven Your Government Course with this Game-Based Education Program!

There are tons of government simulation games out there, but none come close to offering the full-spectrum learning experience that Civic Mirror provides.

This page contains resources that will help educators integrate CM into a variety of U.S. Government and Civics courses.

6-Week Free Trial: We recommend teachers use the 5-Week Unit Plan the first time through. Not only does it lead one through the entire program within the trial time limits, but it outlines everything for teachers… from lesson prep and details, to what to assign for homework. Request trial now!

Suggested Resources for U.S. Government Teachers:

The following resources were developed for those who wish to fully integrate Civic Mirror into their U.S. Government & Civics courses. They were intentionally designed to be flexible, and are suitable for Grades 7 – 12.  For example, AP U.S. Government & Politics teachers could follow the scope and sequence to a tee, bringing the course material to life while fully preparing them for the AP exam. Conversely, middle school civics teachers could also use these resources to cover their curriculum as well.

Curricular Alignments

The Civic Mirror aligns incredibly well with most U.S. Government & Civics courses. Very slowly we are building curriculum alignments for various states. Please see our “Curric” space for examples.