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Homes for the Homeless in one Civic Mirror Country

Myfriendistans, a Civics 11 class from Langley Secondary School in Langley, British Columbia lead by instructor Charles McGill, are finding that there is a large difference between what is idealistic in thier society and what can actually be easily organized and accomplished.  Within a post and subsequent thread started by citizen LukeN, citizens of Myfriendistan share their frustration with the homeless:

LukeN begins by stating,

“Too many people in Myfriendistan are homeless and our apartments are half full the government needs to start using its money for the very poor and give them somewhere to sleep at night. I am sure if you were poor and homeless you wouldnt want your family to die a cold death!
(another idea for a law)”


Phillip B states simply,


While JonD offers a longer explanation,

“yea it sucks but in the real world we practically shunn the homeless and corner them all on hastings so you cant just say that cuz its impractical”

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