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Attempted Genocide in Canower. Help Needed!

Written By: Kyle Judge & Andrew Murray

Simulated Country: Canower
School: Bluevale Collegiate Institute
Location: Waterloo, ON


Today in Canower the owner of the country’s only power plant decided it would be of his amusement to develop it into a mansion. We entered our town hall meeting yesterday to find our beloved power plant 3/4 complete in its progress to become a mansion. He then, even since it is against the law, openly admitted what he had done before handing all his properties and money off to his friends.

flagOur country had some flaws in that not everyone was able to get the necessities they needed all the time but now we are much worse off. Most citizens in our country are able to survive this year seeing as he destroyed it at the end of the year so everyone has what they need. This year is almost over, but next year many people will die. We quickly learned how easily someone can destroy a country.

This does not look promising for the coming years of Canower. We are asking for spare power units from other countries if you have any to spare. We need four(4) power units to build a new power plant to ensure our country is not doomed. Any help would be appreciated to save our county from this crisis. If you have any to spare or are interested in helping let us know!

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7 Responses to Attempted Genocide in Canower. Help Needed!

  1. Aakash says:

    Was he Dictator

  2. harambe says:


  3. Steffen says:

    I would wanna see this go down

  4. Big Papa says:

    rough! sending much love from glunker-kloonker

  5. Wajiha Ahmed says:

    The gentle laborer shall suffer no longer! Rise up fellow proletariat, we must overthrow the yolk of the capitalist pigs and show the what the workers revolution!

    Viva Canower!

  6. Wakchoi Noodles says:

    Viva Canower!

  7. my bro says:

    Viva Canower!