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Civic Mirror Workshop at the 2009 BC Social Studies Conference

Regan Ross and Lizanne Foster, teachers from the Surrey School District and CM Pioneers, will be teaching BC educators how to use The Civic Mirror by playing it in a double session at the 2009 BCSSTA Fall Conference! Teachers interested in enlivening their social studies course with an experience-based, 21st Century learning tool would do well to attend this session!

Participants will be given a fictitious family to care for by providing them with food, shelter, education, health care and more. They’ll also be given a hidden agenda; will elect a their own government who will set tax rates and make laws; will bid to own national assets in an auction; will buy, trade, and sell in an open market; and will have the opportunity to sue anyone – including their government – for breaking the law.

By playing The Civic Mirror, participants will learn:
* Its game rules and major events,
* How the online program works and how it sets up classroom events,
* How to use its Web2.0 tools to extend learning outside the classroom,
* How to capitalize on the teachable moments it provides (related to law, government, economics, and active citizenship)

The Civic Mirror fits the curricular needs of the following BC social studies courses:
* entire Grade 6 social studies course
* Social Studies 10
* Social Studies 11
* Civic Studies 11
* Economics 12
* Law 12

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