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The Civic Mirror in 10 Days Unit Plan

The Full-Blast Method of Implementation

Several teacher’s have asked, “What’s the best way to implement the Civic Mirror the first time through?”  Although the program was developed to be very flexible and adaptable, we often recommended instructors go “all out” the first time, working through the full program in a solid block of time for the following reasons:

  1. You gain Civic Mirror Pioneer status while,
  2. You get a feel for the program’s full potential so that,
  3. You can step back and devise/plan ways to integrate The Civic Mirror into your full course, and
  4. If you like it, you can always keep using it with your students, or
  5. At the very least, you can take advantage of the Reflection & Connection activities in the Instructor’s Manual (which you would receive if you were to use the full program).

To help out with this even more, we’ve created a unit plan (or scope and sequence) that shows exactly how you could complete the full program in two weeks, or 10, 45-minute+ classes. Click the link below to download the unit plan in PDF format.


This is a great way to enliven any social studies course, especially courses that deal with government, civics, economics, law, citizenship, and/or morality. But many teachers have used this two-week unit plan for character education, career and life-prep, English and literature courses, and on and on.  This is IDEAL, however, for any teacher who likes experiential learning activities like role plays and simulations!