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Technology Standards and The Civic Mirror

The Civic Mirror as an Educational Technology Initiative!

The Civic Mirror destroys the dichotomy that pits experiential and social learning against 21st Century learning with technology in the classroom. Instead, it fuses them!

The Civic Mirror uses technology to help teachers set up rich, meaningful, in-class events that demand students engage with one another. These face-to-face in-class events build excitement, and the online program allows students to continue talking, debating, and learning at home, outside of school.

The Civic Mirror is a technology initiative worth pursuing if you are interested in educational innovation and student engagement.

  • It uses technology to enhance instruction, not replace it
  • It provides a group of students with a community experience, both online and in-class
  • It promotes student-led learning, both online and in the classroom
  • It challenges students to be active, responsible citizens
  • It develops 21st century communication skills (e.g. online etiquette)
  • It provides educators with lesson plans that utilize the best of experiential, constructivist, and brain-based learning methods
  • It’s all online! There’s nothing to install

Alignment With Technology Standards Project

Whether your school or district uses these technology outcomes, it’s worth reviewing the curricular fit between the Technology Standards Project and the Civic Mirror: the fit is outstanding! This document may provide you with the ammunition you need to build support and make the Civic Mirror your next technology initiative.