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Civic Mirror Government Leader Resigns

Tropjiians, an 8th grade civics class at Brentwood Academy in Brentwood, Tennessee under the leadership of instructor Warren Bezuidenhout, signing onto the CM were treated with a shock Monday, April 5th as they read the posting President Molly Vogel left on the CM Discussion Forums:

People of Tropiji,

I regret to inform you that I, Molly Vogel, am resigning. I believe that our country was not being governed well under my authority, due to the fact that the general population did not listen to a word I said. Respect is key to authority, and authority is what keeps the general public safe and keeps people from dying. Respect was absent whenever I attempted to call attention to the class. If I cannot keep your attention, I am not fit to be your president. What you must understand is that for this game to work, we must work together. This means that we should not go behind other’s backs and make secret deals if it could affect the country as a whole. We must work together for the greater good. I know that this is just a quote, but “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Those people who have power must realize that in order for our country to succeed, they must think about the whole of the country, not just themselves, or even their friends.

I am resigning because I cannot run this simulation well. We need a leader who can. We need a president who will keep the people’s attention and make wise decisions without having to yell to be heard.

Frankly, I am just not cut out to run the country, nor do I want to anymore. I grossly underestimated how hard it was to be the president. Also, on my personal account, I am not profiting at all because I’m spending all my time being the government, which means I could get a bad grade. Especially if I can’t complete my personal agenda because, once again, I’m too busy trying to be the government and trade with people, when on my normal account, I’m not trading at all. I cannot run the government and my account at the same time using two computers. It’s simply too much for me.

So, with a heavy heart, I resign my presidency. When we next elect a leader, I encourage the people to choose wisely. Do not choose a person who will flake out like I have. I also encourage the candidates to make sure that they really want to be the president. I know that I did, but after a while, I simply didn’t want to have to deal with trying to run a country who does not listen to the leader they elected, no matter if it is a simulated country or not.


Molly Vogel

How will Tropjiians respond to Ms. Vogel’s decision? Stay tuned!

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