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Chronicles of “Turtle Island,” a CM Country from Madison, WI

Student-Journalists from Malcolm Shabazz City High School Reporting…

665Simulated Country: Turtle Island
School:  Malcolm Shabazz City H.S.,
Instructor: Mr. Aaron Kaio
Location: Madison, Wisconsin

We received so impressed by the many great news articles from students at Malcolm Shabbazz running our social studies simulation that we simply had to publish them all.


– – –

turtle-islandTorment in Turtle Island, Jan. 4th, 2017

Written By: Piper Gilkison
Triumph turned to agony in Turtle Island as one of the main farms goes unpowered in the year 2000. This lead to many food-related deaths, causing mass chaos.
Overall, we are still recovering at a nation but we keep our hope close to our chests. To send help, text 1-800-TURTLELOVE or call in now!


Government Health Takeover, Jan. 4th, 2017

Written By: Frances Turiel
shabbazz-studentDue to decisions made in the previous year on Turtle Island, many citizens died from receiving lack of healthcare. The Government of Turtle Island proposed taking over, or buying, the healthcare hex from local citizen, Shaun. Last year, though the healthcare hex produced the maximum amount of units, the hex owner in-took more units than he gave out. Doing so, there were deaths within three different families.

The Government of Turtle Island offered to take over the hex but, many citizens and other members of the house are in favor of privatized businesses. Many people, including Franny of the senate whom suffered a loss from lack of healthcare, aren’t in favor of all government owned business but wants to introduce business regulations. She stated earlier this year, “though I make up the senate of Turtle Island, completely Government owned businesses would end up being in control by one person. Many people who make up the Government don’t have say in distribution of Government owned Hex’s”.

Another member of the senate, Pepper Fair, is in favor of complete Government owned businesses. She believes, in quote, “I want nationalization because nationalization would produce equity within the majority and minority”. Through the Government regulating the units produced and needed, she believes that everyone would receive an equal amount of necessities.

Local Shaun, who is also the healthcare hex owner currently, believes that all business owners should be entitled to their own regulations of distribution and production. Though, he is considering selling his healthcare units to the Government in the following year.


13 Found Dead on Turtle Island

turtleWritten by: Sean Braun, January 4th, 2017

In Turtle Island a government decision fatally killed over 13 people leaving families devastated. The Turtle Island GOV chose to develop a new hex instead of power thanes farm killing many people, Although the new development will help in the future these people did not deserve to die and there was a better way to develop.
Vote Sean 2001!


Income Disparity in Turtle Island

Written by: Dana Nelson, January 9th, 2017


In Turtle Island we have a member of society with more money than the government. Yes, you read that right. We have a citizen with nearly $4,000 more than the government.

We also have a citizen with $409.

Income disparity is a major issue in Turtle Island.

There are multiple ways we can address this issue. We can leave it to the people or we can ask the government for help.

One of our citizens has started a charity, but it is unclear if it is continuing into the next year.

The government has passed legislation to help encourage charities to start, but this is the extent of legislation passed to address this issue.

The question is, who do we need to ask for help, the people or the government?


Trouble in Town Hall!

Written by: Lucas Spencer, January 12th, 2017

turtle_islandIt is the year 2001 on Turtle Island, the second year since the creation of our growing country. Unfortunately, the Hidden Agendas of the citizens continue to clash, and our country is suffering because of it. In the year 2000, 15 of our citizen’s family members have died due to disputes and lack of resources between business owners. Undoubtedly a tragedy.

Development of an E/I hex has helped, but the environment is on the verge of suffering due to the future development that private owners have produced on their own, despite the government and the citizens agreement to prioritize an Education hex. Thus, our Town Hall meeting is getting quite “spicy” as citizen Isabel O. stated. Luckily, our citizens stand by and advocate for one another when conversations get heated during the Town Hall, however some of the heated moments occur because of personal attacks.

Both Turtle Island and the Civics Mirror program pose the dilemma dealt across the board: do we come together to run a successful country, or separate to win the game?


An Empty Shell! (Tempers Flare Over Education)

cm_blog_imagesWritten By: Lucas Spencer, January 12th, 2017.

Tempers rise as a citizen leaves Turtle Island, after an argument between the people and the government to grant him the Education Unit that he needed at the time, instead of someone who is consistently present and active in Turtle Island decisions and was desperate for their final unit! Now he is gone and the education was wasted! Our citizens who were refused Education lost points and continue to lose their temper. Did the government make the right decision? Or have we failed our citizens?


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  1. SweeterLemonade says:

    Great story! Suspenseful! I’m glad you guys are doing better!