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And Only for $19.99!!

They may not slice, dice or keep you warm but the citizens of SuperC, Carley Althauser’s class of 8th graders from College Place Middle School in Edmonds, have proven that they have the Entrepreneurial Spirit that will help them become successful.  Shelly R offers her services as such,

“Are you getting sued? Do you need a laywer? Well Shelly R. is one and will help you! post any more Questions you have.,”

While Fabian offers money for help in his legal woes,

“i will give my lawyer$600 to back me up”

TacoBank offers some needed loans,


As the country progresses citizens may find more of a need for services that are not obvious within the game but are required nonetheless.  If anyone else has example of ways in which citizens are creating ways to earn money we would love to hear about it!  Feel free to write an email to Sarah within the Civic Mirror, or respond to this post.

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