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Hexvillian Citizens to Propose Laws

On September 28, 2010 Hexville Instructor/Fearless Leader Mr. Phaneuf offered/assigned Hexville citizens to write bills in this post:

1. Respond to this posting by proposing 2 laws for the government to consider making into law for your country (keep your hidden agenda in mind). Make sure you watch the wording of these laws so there are no loop holes that can allow someone to cheat you. Here is an example;

Bill F1 Farmers are only allowed to sell his/her food units for $250 to citizens and only to people who have not consumed a food unit yet.

Loophole: Riley(farmer) makes a deal with Amanda (who hasn’t consumed any yet, even though she bought one from the other farmer) to sell her (for $250, like the law states) all his food units only if she re-sells them to other citizens for $450 and kickback $100 per unit to him. Riley and Amanda haven’t broken any law because of the wording of the law. Since Amanda isn’t a farmer she can sell it for any price she would like.

Hexvillians took very little time to repond.  The first was MP Lozon with this idea,

” No one is to start construction or demolition on any hex without the approval from the government first.  At the end of the year, for every hex a person owns, they will pay a property tax of 50 dollars. This tax is for every hex type”

Prime Minister Gillier had some ideas as well,

“Bill F-1
All citizens will be able to buy one (1) food unit every time new food units are produced.
They will be sold for a maximum of $300 by everyone. Everyone except farmers are allowed to
be in posession of only 1 food at a time.Farmers can only eat 1 food everytime food is produced.

Bill E-1
All electricity shall be sold in order of necessity of goods or services needed for a
maximum of $450, to the owner of the hex. the order of necessity is as followed:
Farms,Apartments,Houses and Mansions, Education and Health,and the Community Center.This
is the list that tells what order they are sold in, not the order in which they will be
used by the citizen.

Bill F-1
All trees and water hexes will be protected by the goverment.unauthorized building on any taxes will lead
to either a direct halt to the project or another hex owned by the citizen used for regrowth
of trees or a fine of up to $5000.”

Citizen Duenas had an idea that may shape the look of the government itself,

“The Government must own at least one of every type of hexes that provide food, education, health,security and energy. If there is only one hex that provides a type of unit such as the Power Station, the Government will offer a price to such hex that will be reasonable for the owner. But if the owner declines the offer or if the Government funds are insufficient to satisfy the owner, they may keep this hex but the owner must pay a “service hex ownership tax”. The service hex ownership tax can cost up to $700 to $1000 per season depnding on the Prime Minister’s descision. 

Another law I would like to be passed is that Each citizen May only purchase one food, education, health, security, and energy units per year. And they must be consumed before the end of the year. They are only permitted one of each type. If this happen to a citizen, they are asked to sell their extra unit for no higher than the original price to another citizen who has not consumed this type of unit. However, if all have had their share for the year the government must take this unit to ensure everyone’s equality. If a citizen has a hex that produces one of the five units stated, they may be able to keep more than one of the units that their hex provides, however, they can only consume one at a time (e.g farmer can have 5 food units but not 3 education units.). If anyone abides this law their are two options for that certain person.
Option A—the unit will be taken away from that person and given to those who need it. In addition the person must pay a “unit magement fee” which will be decided by our Prime Minister.
Option B— Let the judge decide on their fate.”

MP Fournie also puts a lot of trust into the government,

“1) No goods or services (whether they be directly associated with the hex board ex. food, power, education units or self owned businesses ex. selling a drawing, doing a task for someone) may be sold to anyone for more than *(input amount agreed upon by government)*.

2) No one person other than the government may own more than two hexes *that are powered*. Therefore you may own as many non-powered hexes as you wish. Violation of this law will result in the confiscation of all the owners powered hexes as well as a fine that will be decided on by the judge.”

While Citizenb Ciccacci wants more control of land owned by citizens,

“One of the laws that I think should be considered in hexville is that we should be able to own and sell things for what we want. For example, Since I own education I should be allowed to sell it for as much as I want without the goverment getting involved. Another law is that we should be able to buy more than just one food.”

There were many thoughtful ideas in Hexville.  It seems that the more a citizen tried to close loopholes, the longer the proposed bill.  Which laws will work in Hexville and which will fall flat?  Hopefully some Hexvillians will reply to this post or email the author to keep the Civic Mirror World updated on progress.

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