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Dictatorship Rules Civic Mirror Country Pandora

On Monday, October 25, Pandorians, a class lead by instructor Cheryl Payne at The Woodlands School in Mississauga, Ontario,logged into their Civic Mirror Accounts to this message from Member of Parliament Tommy:

People of Pandora…
I am sure that what has happened today has distressed you, for i too am distressed. However, we have to give people chances… for no one, not even the members of Pandora First, knows that will happen.

If this dictatorship brings equality and justice to our country, then so be it…

However, if this dictatorship creates a country of no voice or equality.

Then we the people of Pandora are allowed to take actions in to this.

However, in order for this to work we need to co operate and they need to co operate with us….

Honestly, what is a government with no people…

An example is when Jason S. thought he had no power in the beginning, we realized he had one of the most. He was usually the one to finalize the yes or no to the Bills.

Therefore, people of Pandora, I urge to stand firm and realize the potential power we possess, not as an individual but as a group.

If this dictatorship brings no positive impact in the public general sense then we, the people of Pandora, will take action.

My final Message:
We can make this work, if co operation exists.

Citizen Stella remarked,

“I personally think that, by having a dictatorship is already not what I would call equality. It’s as if our fate lies in their hands.  It’s true they said that they want to help us, but if we propose something that (unintentionally) goes against their Hidden Agendas, they will simply just reject what we proposed. So by having only them to decide everything is already inequality.
Notice that they have already disapprove of HoC, Town Hall, Court, etc. So, no voting on anything what so ever…

Citizen Usman replied,

“Hey, Tommy you took my quotesmiley for :)
I posted kinda the same thing
I partly agree, but already in the year 2000 we are in a bad situation
I don’t want to experiment with the same party in power for next year.”

Citizen Andrew commented,

“So much for Pandora FIRST!!”

Citizen Joshua left a sobering, but important comment,

“I was never “Pandora First!”
Its always been ‘get a good mark first”

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