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Civic Mirror Country’s Environmental Battle

Citizens all over the world are moving closer to living  “greener,” more enviornmentally responsible lives and the citizens of Civic Mirror Country Bayco, an 11th grade U.S. History class which covers 1877-present, fearlessly lead by instructor Kyle Pinckard at Opelika High School in Opelika, Alabama, are no different.  National Court Judge Nicole.D began the discussion,

“we have got to save the river! it is our resource for our food and many other things! without it we will have hardly anymore food and people will die at random! plus it is taking away from ALL of our wb points and it is making the value if Bayco go down! Our River is what WE, BAYCO, are suppose to be all about REMEMBER it’s what we voted on when we created this nation. so help me stop people from changing it and ruining our country!”

Citizen Kala followed,

“Yes, I agree that we need to save our river because i think its important and without it we would die because its a resource for our food!”

While most  Bayconians agreed with Judge Nicole.D’s original assessment, a few citizens were willing to voice their dissension:

“Though I do think that it’s not a wonderful idea to change the river, but if they choose to change the river to something that will also better Bayco then I think that’s fine. I think that it could be better to have more power plants. So that next season we wont run out,”  commented Representative Morgan.

While Citizen Sarah mentioned, “We need to be able to have enough food.”

Judge Nicole.D was not to be dissuaded however and commented,” they can build power plants on a tree hex not the river we have more trees than river!”

Representative Morgan replied, “The people that own the trees may not want to change their hex, so then were stuck, because were going to eventaully run out of power. Either way there is going to be deaths. We either run out of food or power, but we do need POWER to make the FOOD. So I think that we need more power than food. By having more power we can make more farms to provide for food.”

The post ended in comments about natural resources and a general fear that Bayco would lose some of it’s natural beauty to power plants and farms.  Every culture must eventually make some tough decisions about the needs of people and natural resources.  There is no correct answer, only the correct one for the community in question.  What will be the correct answer for this community?  Only time will tell…

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One Response to Civic Mirror Country’s Environmental Battle

  1. K Pinckard says:

    This is an 11th grade U.S. History class which covers 1877-present.